Admission to Tharagay

Admission to one of our Tharagay treatment facilities is an easy process. If you live in Cape Town or nearby, we always prefer to set up a pre-admission meeting, where you tell us what you want and we tell you what you need. Hopefully, we then find common ground and the admission will be arranged. Remember, the Tharagay group is able to provide all treatment options, not just rehab.

If you are enquiring from abroad, a telephone interview or Skype conversation is usually sufficient. If you are still unsure, we might be able to arrange an assessment with one of our network of international counsellors.

It will help enormously if you would complete the form called INFORMATION QUESTIONNAIRE and return to Tharagay.

We realise this is private information that you might not feel safe to disclose. You are assured of absolute confidentiality and the information is never be shared with any third party without your express permission.

Once the admission is authorised, (see MEDICAL AID AUTHORISATION form) the Tharagay admin will clear your funding arrangements. We are able to accept most major South African medical aids, although a small co payment may be required to cover a shortfall. If you are paying privately, payment must be made on or prior to admission. Our admin will provide you with a price quotation.

Transfer from the airport to the facility can be arranged, if requested.

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