“The Family is often both the weakest link, and the strongest catalyst for Recovery”

Experiencing the addictive behaviour of a loved one is a stressful and debilitating experience. Family and close friends often take strain and find various ways of coping, many of which are costly and often make the problem worse. Families can become the weakest link unwittingly enabling the problem. However, with the right support, family and friends can also grow to be strong catalysts for recovery.

Prospect Hill Recovery Practice provides, in cooperation with Tharagay Addiction Treatment and Rustenburg Addiction Care, a fortnightly Family Programme, which delivers high-quality education and care for family-members and close friends of individuals in addiction treatment. The programme supports positive change and ensures a better treatment outcome for everyone.

The Family Programme is an integral part of a successful treatment programme and we strongly encourage family members to attend. Please note that those with and without families currently in treatment are welcome to attend.

  • Content

    During the programme, we will begin to:
    Explore your current experience
    Provide relevant education and information
    Develop effective coping strategies
    Guide personal and relationship recovery
    Support the development of skills to sustain change

  • Dates

    Every alternate Wednesday afternoon or evening at Tharagay Manor.

  • Facilitators

    Jean Dixon (Reg Psych Nurse)
    Katy Menell (Registered Psychological Counsellor)
    Penelope Garden (Psychological Counsellor)
  • Cost

    R350 for the 1st family member per session
    R100 for each additional family member per session

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