Tharagay House is a halfway house offering a step-down programme for people needing residential care to help with the transition from early recovery to long-term sustainable recovery. In addition, Tharagay House specialises in relapse prevention and relapse intervention – how to stop a slip going into freefall. The programme caters for clients who are needing both therapy and free time in order to begin the process of reintegrating into society. Tharagay provides an opportunity to practise new recovery skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Tharagay House has been in existence for over 20 years, transitioning from a humble beginning to one of the leading exponents of extended treatment care. The programme continues to evolve to offer quality secondary care and is a benchmark for extended care treatment in South Africa.

Tharagay House is registered with the South African Board of Healthcare Funders and the Department of Social Services. If you have benefits available, medical aid will contribute to the cost.

  • The Tharagay Halfway House Programme

    Tharagay House is part of the Tharagay continuum of care, our seamless addiction treatment service. The House admits a range of clients with different needs – some just fresh out of primary treatment still finding their feet in the early stages of recovery and others already in strong recovery looking forward to re integration into the world out there. The counselling team is able to tailor your programme according to what is required. We avoid a one size fits all approach at all costs as that would defeat the purpose of a Halfway House. Ultimately, we want you help you find a sustainable productive lifestyle without the madness of active addiction and we will build your programme around this. We work within a proven treatment framework, which guides the process.

    The programme includes:

    • Therapeutic duties
    • Individual sessions with your counsellor
    • Peer-driven serenity groups
    • Community groups
    • Relapse prevention group
    • Addiction-focussed groups
    • Interactive lectures
    • 12 Step discussion
    • music/spiritual group
    • Family conjoints sessions
    • Community bonding time

    The programme expects participation in a 12 Step Recovery programme as part of the process. Clients uncomfortable with 12 Step Recovery would be required to provide an alternative recovery programme with which they wish to engage. Although we favour 12 Step Recovery for a number of good reasons, we are always ready to consider other options.

  • The Tharagay House Facility Manager

    Faranhaaz Dyer

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