Tharagay Manor is the flagship facility of the Tharagay  treatment  continuum of care, a unique 3 phase customised addiction treatment system based in Cape Town. The portal of entry for new clients wanting treatment is Tharagay Manor, for a recommended 28 day programme. Thereafter, many of our clients continue the process at our Halfway House and then complete the journey at our Sober House. Completion of all three phases usually ensures a very positive outcome.

Now, with more than 20 years of treatment experience, Tharagay offers affordable and effective first tier treatment. We specialize in alcohol and drug addiction, and we can competently manage all the process addictions, including gambling addiction and sex addiction.

Our mission is to provide you with a sobriety and recovery that will sustain.

  • The Bigger Picture

    Located in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, Tharagay Manor offers a 28 day treatment programme. Our therapeutic approach remains grounded in the Minnesota Model, a treatment model that has stood the test of time. In essence, it is an abstinence-based treatment that aims to improve quality of  life, guided by the principles of the 12 Step recovery. We are aware that there are many new quirky treatment models offering quick fixes. Our treatment model has a proven track record, which is why we are the longest private sector treatment facility in Cape Town.  Our treatment will respond to your unique needs and a personal treatment plan will be devised to ensure that we address all your issues, including trauma, dysfunction, abuse and abandonment. We do not focus only on your addictive disorder, although we will always address that as a primary problem.

    We are very aware that if social and psychological problems are not dealt with, the risk of relapse remains high. So, we aim to help you come to terms with your addiction, make peace with the past, live in the present and find hope for the future.

    The treatment programme includes daily group-based therapy of various types including interactive, discussion and focus groups, educational lectures and regular individual counselling sessions. In addition, we arrange family sessions (via Skype if family members are not readily accessible), encourage 12 Step participation and include some written work.

  • The Treatment

    Our  approach recognises that if recovery from addiction is to be sustainable, it needs to address all aspects of your life, not just the addiction. The result is a comprehensive, balanced programme that initiates recovery in multiple dimensions of our clients’ lives. We include

    • A weekly shopping outing to purchase necessities, helps clients learn to budget and manage their finances.
    • Community outings each weekend, allowing you to experience Cape Town and to be introduced to sober recreational activities.
    • Membership of a nearby gym
  • The Accommodation

    Tharagay Manor can accommodate a maximum of 20 clients.

    • The shared rooms are spacious and comfortable.
    • All rooms have their own bathrooms
    • Single rooms are available by request but carry a small surcharge
    • There is free Wi-Fi access.
    • There are communal relaxation areas, a peaceful garden, a designated smoking area and a swimming pool.
  • The Facility Manager

    Zandri Hilmi

    Zandri is the captain of the ship at Tharagay Manor. Her task, which she does exceptionally well, is to keep all our clients focussed on the task at hand. There are many distractions as our clients chart their way through the stormy waters of early recovery. Zandri is always there to provide a lifeboat when our clients feel swamped by the challenges of treatment.

  • Gallery

  • The Team

    Our experienced counselling team work under the direction of addictions specialist, Dr. Rodger Meyer. The Tharagay Manor team will facilitate a journey of careful self-exploration within the safety of the treatment community.

    • The Administration team manages all administrative duties, including client pocket money and finances.
    • There is a daily nursing presence, a nearby local GP and consultant psychiatrists, should the need arise.
    • The dedicated Chef and her team provide 3 nutritious meals per day, as well as snacks between meals.
    • Cleaning staff take care of general cleaning and laundry, bedding and towels, which are supplied.
    • An in-house laundry service for client’s personal laundry is offered at a nominal cost. Clients are responsible for the general tidiness of their rooms and the house.
    • There is an after-hours supervisory presence at all times.
  • The Treatment Environment – a few basic rules

    Tharagay Manor provides a space in which to start the journey of recovery. An important part of this process is learning to live within certain limitations and developing a healthy routine. For that reason, there are some rules. These include:

    • We expect clients to participate in all elements of the programme.
    • You are not allowed to leave the premises without permission or informing staff.
    • Access to cell phones, laptops, tablets and the Tharagay Manor computer is not permitted for the first 7 days of treatment. However this period can be extended at the discretion of the counselling team. This is to assist clients to focus on their treatment and the issues that they need to address. Thereafter, devices may  be used at certain times.  Laptops and tablets must be used in communal areas and not in bedrooms. We will always consider earlier use of a device, if there is a specific purpose eg a business matter.
    • Television is allowed at set times.
    • Credit Cards, wallets, air tickets, passports and other valuables are  handed in on arrival and are kept in a safe. These items can  be accessed with  permission of your counsellors.
    • Clients may leave the premises for organised outings, excursions, fellowship meetings or visits to the doctor in Tharagay arranged transport
    • Pocket money is limited to a maximum of R1000 pocket money per week. This money should cover expenses such as toiletries, any extra items such as additional snacks, and the costs of outings.
  • Important Notes

    • Pocket Money is the responsibility of the client and is distributed to each client weekly. Money can be transferred in advance to Tharagay Manor which the administrative staff will manage on the client’s behalf. If a client manages their own pocket money, they must please ensure that their bank card is activated to withdraw funds in a foreign country and that there are sufficient funds to cover pocket money for the full duration of treatment.
    • Tharagay Manor provides transport to selected 12 Step Fellowship meetings and shopping outings to the local mall, according to the programme schedule.
    • Clients will personally be responsible for payment of any other transport costs incurred beyond these programme activities.
    • A reasonable command of English is required for completion of the treatment programme. Although we endeavour to make every effort to accommodate non-English first language clients, the majority of the programme (activities and resources) are in English.
  • Things to Remember

    • A bank card to access funds for pocket money or other expenses (card must be activated to withdraw money in South Africa)
    • Climate appropriate clothing for the season (Summer is from November to April, and winter is from June to August)Comfortable walking shoes for physical activities
    • Sufficient medications as prescribed by your doctor or psychiatrist
    • Toiletries
  • In Summary

    At Tharagay Manor, we will introduce you to a  Recovery Programme that you can manage yourself. The aim is for our clients to learn how to achieve  optimal functioning in all areas of your life, especially in those areas that have been damaged through your addiction.. The aim is not only to achieve a sustainable sobriety but through changes in thought and behaviour, to develop a healthier  lifestyle so that you achieve your full potential  and thereby minimise the risk of relapse.


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