Tharagay Addiction Treatment – Cape Town

Tharagay had its beginnings in Cape Town in 1995. Named in memory of a benefactor whom succumbed to an untreated addiction,  we now have many years of experience in addiction treatment and consistently produce successful treatment outcomes. Tharagay can provide a full spectrum of affordable, quality treatment services and we are able to provide a complete continuum of addiction care within our treatment system for all alcohol and substance use disorders and process [behavioural] addictions like gambling addiction, sex and love addiction. We are not set up to treat primary eating disorders, which require a very specialised treatment setting.

Our fee structures is very competitive. Although we operate in the private sector, our aim is provide quality care at an affordable rate. All our facilities are registered with medical aids. So if benefits are available, your medical aid will subsidise your treatment.

Our clinical teams are devoted to helping you find a sustainable way out of your addiction. Our three treatment facilities within the Tharagay continuum of care allows us to place you in a facility most appropriate for your needs, not ours.

We can provide treatment, halfway house and a sober house services and an inclusive aftercare follow up programme.

All our rehabilitation facilities are registered with the Department of Social Development and Board of Healthcare Funders. This means our facilities have met medico-legal requirements and are accountable to a registering authority.

If you are looking for help with a drug or alcohol problem or process addiction, Tharagay should be a strong consideration.


Tharagay has official permission as a registered healthcare facility to continue operations during the 21 day lockdown period. We will therefore consider admitting cases for containment and treatment, who are regarded as low risk and meet admission criteria. Tharagay Place has been converted into a quarantine observation facility and all potential clients will be first admitted to that facility before transfer to Tharagay Manor for treatment.

We deal with the following

Medical Aids

Let us help you decide

Not everyone who uses drugs is an addict. By the same token, most people who drink alcohol are not alcoholic. It can be difficult to decide. Let us help you… Fill out the FREE ONLINE ASSESSMENT, submit and we will advise whether you have a substance use problem that requires treatment.



Dr Rodger Meyer
I have worked exclusively in the world of addiction treatment for more than 25 years. I originally trained as a medical doctor but now regard my areas of expertise as dealing with Substance Use Disorders – patients, programmes and professionalism in the field. “How do you make addicts better” has been my long time quest. Responding to the needs of those challenging patients with  histories of recurrent relapse still excites me. I have a special interest in the problems presented by both cannabis and heroin use disorders, the two extremes of the substance use disorders. I have contributed extensively to the development of the addiction treatment network in Cape Town and am committed to ensuring that the Tharagay Group remains the leading treatment service provider in South Africa.

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